Interview - Ronaldo inc

Ronaldo Inc. is a mix media artist in Brazil, We discovered his arts in Fotolog,
There are have short interview of Ronaldo Inc in ArtcorePress,
Let's check to know more thought from this artist

AC:  Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background.
RO: I'm Ronaldo inc., Brazilian artist, self taught, for ten years I've dedicated myself exclusively to my art. My influences are Art Nouveau, Oriental art and street art. Working with various media and tools drives my creativity in various ways, without labels and limits. With commercial customers and urban projects, I vary between personal exhibitions and taylor made projects using traces of arabesques, geishas and all elements involving my artistics references.

AC:  Please introduce us to the style of your art
RO: Applied to several surfaces, I develop a delicate art, with Oriental and
French influences. Street art has come to add some chaos to the most subtle
traces of my work.

AC:  What is your source of inspiration?

RO: Oriental art, art nouveau, magazines, urban culture. A meeting
of classic and the contemporary always inspires me.

AC:  Please describe your working process when creating and your preferred tools?
RO: Everything starts with a sketch on paper, outlining the work, looking at
books as references. From there the process flows according to the surface
that I use, but my favorite tools will always be paper and brush.

AC:  Who is your favorite artist? And Why? 
RO: God. Because he reached perfection in nature and we have not, yet...

AC:  Any final words or advice you would like to share with everyone?
RO: Too much ego will kill your talent. Also, keep your dreams alive!

More RonaldoInc arts here:

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